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This weekend I noticed a new trend amongst my girlfriends. And it isn't good. It's in the shape of a big fat X — one who takes your heart and then rips it up into shreds before you.

Yup, it seems the X Factor (women who are still obsessed with their exes) is on the rise. One friend of mine spent exactly one hour and 40 minutes bemoaning her ex, and then ended up sobbing on the floor, declaring "no-one will ever be as good as him."

Another, despite ranting for days about how happy she is to now be single, jumped up and down excitedly when she received a text from the ex in question.

So what is it about ex-boyfriend that can literally make those rose coloured glasses become a permanent fixture to our faces?

Is it the fact that now they're out of our lives, we want what we can't have? Do we see photos on Facebook of him with his new girlfriend and start worrying that he actually looks happy — and you're no longer the one putting a smile on his face?

One of my closest friend confided in me that her obsession with her ex is because she's just…bored. When she's not busy at work, she idly flicks through his Insta photos and stalks his girl friends. When she's home alone, she looks through old photos and tries to convince herself that maybe he was attractive.

And on a night out, when she goes home man-less, she remembers what it was like to end the night with a boyfriend in her bed.

So, are we really all obsessed with our exes or do we just need to get a life? Thankfully for me, any ex obsession swiftly ended when I bumped into him in a club and he told me how he'd been in the emergency ward due to third degree burns.

When I asked him how he got them, he regaled the 'hysterical' story of how he thought it would be funny to light his fart.

Girls — if there's one thing I've learnt from this, it's that exes are exes for a reason. He might look fit in his Instagram but that doesn't mean he's had a personality transplant.

So, take off those rose-tinted glasses and start looking around — you never know, the man of your dreams could be standing right in front of you.

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