At Home Exercises To Help Get You Ready For Summer!

At Home Exercises To Help Get You Ready For Summer!

May 27, 2018



It's here! We are exactly 11 days away from kicking off this summer during Memorial Day Weekend!

Even in a town where you wear bikinis pretty much all year long, Memorial Day will have everyone pulling out their best and new bikinis to start their summer off right! Yet, if you’re anything like us, our guess is that you’ve put off working on your summer bod because, well, frankly working out wasn’t at the top of your priority list which trust me it hasn't been on ours either. But, we are here to ease that bikini bod anxiety by sharing some of our favorite at home exercises to hopefully help ease you back into that grind! A lot of these are super simple so hopefully just adding a few into your daily routine just to get you sweating will make it a bit easier!

For the core:

Russian Stabilizers: these are a personal favorite to really help get the sides of your core engaged. The twisting in the movement really helps to work those sides best!

Leg Lifts: this motion really engages the entire core and helps to work that lower abdomen that can be a huge pain to get to. Super simple and can be done anywhere you can lay on a flat surface!

Flutter Kicks: also another easy one that can be done anywhere! The slower the movement the more you can feel that burn in your abs, which is sometimes the best feeling because you can feel it engaging them!


For the booty:

Marching glute bridges: this is an awesome move that can not only activate those leg muscles but also incorporates the core to keep the body stabilized!

Sumo Squats: get low babes! This is an awesome booty raiser and can be done literally anywhere!

Single Leg Deadlifts: okay so these you have to use a weight with but that can be anything! I've personally used a gallon of milk before. They are amazing for helping to raise the booty!

Donkey Kicks: these are a fav if you can't find anything to use as a weight. Although, adding an ankle weight to them is fab you can still get a lift without the weight!


For the Back:

Supermans: these can be done anywhere you can lay and don't need a weight. They help to target that lower back close to the booty!


For the Arms:

Planks: these are crucial for your shoulders and abs. Honestly, hold a plank as many times as you can a day. You won't regret it!

Tricep Dips: I use my coffee table for these! They are great at helping to tone those arms!

Push Ups: even I hated these in P.E. but they are super helpful at helping to build that upper body strength with your own body weight!


Now obviously there are so many more exercises you could add in but we didn't want to overwhelm you with info! These are simply just some we personally love and believe are easy to incorporate into your super hectic daily routines! We hope they help at least get you started and we know you are all going to look fire this Memorial Day Weekend no matter what!

- xoxo - Samantha


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