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Holiday Hangover: The Cure

Holiday Hangover: The Cure

Holiday Hangover: The Cure

A little help in curing your body of your holiday hangover from too much food or alcohol. 

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1. Water, water, and more water

The number one thing you need to feel better and get your body back to normal again is plain, simple water.

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2. Sip on bouillon 

The broth will help you replenish salt and potassium. Also, munch on bland foods like crackers to go with your soup and to calm your stomach.

3. Drink Sprite

While it’s not exactly a health drink, a small amount of Sprite may help if you are experiencing a hangover thanks to too much alcohol. Sprite might actually speed up the hangover process in the body, converting alcohol into the chemical that makes us feel awful and then back to normal at a faster rate.


4. Go for a walk

Exercise is a great way to detox the body. Sweat will help flush out any toxins, get your circulation moving to help your body’s natural lymphatic system work better, and get your endorphins pumping to make you feel better.

5. Eat protein

Your system will be working to repair itself after the damage of ingesting too much sugar, fat, or alcohol. One way to help your body do its job is to fuel it with plenty of healthy protein after a holiday binge. Choose lean protein sources such as egg whites, ground turkey, and baked fish to help restore your body. 

6. Take a nap

In case you needed some extra encouragement to take a nap, here’s some scientific evidence for you: Taking a nap is healthy. It’s especially healthy after binge eating or drinking because sleep helps flush out toxins from your body and brain. Important healing takes place during sleep.

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Bottom line 

Keep these tips in mind as you go through the holidays. But perhaps the best “tip” is to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid binge eating and drinking in the first place. Most of us overindulge on occasion but try to make it an exception to the rule and you’ll feel much happier and more balanced.

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