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How to give a good head!

How to give a good head!

Wondering how to give good head? You've come to the right place.

Here are some easy how-to tips to give him a mindblowing blowjob.

Sex tips: Head Future Bikini

  • Look straight into his eyes while you're going down on him. Pull out your sex-eyes and show him that he and his little fella are your sole focus... for now.
  • One word: carpet-burn. A guy's goods are the same, so it's important that his stick is well oiled. Make sure you have some saliva in your mouth so you can slide easily up and down. Mix it up a bit and alternate between swirling around ice cubes and warm tea in your mouth before getting down to business.
  • To get him in the mood, start stroking the underside of his penis gently with your fingers before stripping off his pants and showing him exactly what you've got on your mind.
  • Try blowing your hot breath on the head of his penis. The rush of warm air on the tip will cause an unbelievable sensation for him.
  • Play with his balls. The key here is to be Gentle (with a capital G) and massage; never tug or pull.
  • A BJ is so much more than just sliding up and down the shaft. Use your tongue to stimulate the head at the same time and let your hands take on some of the up-and-down work.
  • Change it up and switch positions. Have him stand up, while you kneel underneath or lie him down on the bed. If you want some of the action too, the classic 69er is the one for you.


Above all, it's important to get into the mood and just relax. A lot of guys are just grateful that their girl is willing to get down on her hands and knees for him so just let go and enjoy it. The best part? It's your turn next...

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